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MongoDB Cookbook

MongoDB Cookbook - Packt Publishing


MongoDB Cookbook covers many administrative and programming matters. Did you first thought about how will you design a distributed configuration of your server so it can scale up well in terms of good response and in terms of having a huge amount of stored data? If you didn’t or you don’t know how to do it this is the right book for you.

I found a lot of recipes solving common problems I've previously ran into. Depending on where your server will be running in, your database architecture design may vary.


A common strategy for making fast queries is the use of indexes among other considerations. In Mongo there is a particular kind of indexes named covered indexes. It's important to know the difference with the original indexes and how to deal with both so you can achieve better results in terms of performance. There are also some more considerations about indexes to bear in mind when using them that are gathered into the book.


There's a chapter dedicated to administrative tasks. This chapter presents a list of recipes for concrete operations over the server like renaming a collection, operation profiling, configure replicas, etcetera.

When designing RESTful services or even standalone applications, there are common scenarios in which you will want to store huge documents or files, find text, increment a counter… Such kinds of topics are also covered in the book by giving some recipes for GridFS, Elastic search and atomic operations.

Monitoring and backups

The monitoring section explained on the book talks about a cloud-based service called MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) that allows you to monitor a MongoDB cluster. You will also see how to use commands like mongodump that is useful to implement your own process to provide automatic backups.

There's more

You will also get some recipes to deploy your Mongo database on cloud-based services like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Computing…

You can get your copy of MongoDB Cookbook clicking right here.

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