lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

Application Development with Qt Creator book review

I've never imagined a book that talks about Qt Creator. But now exists and is called Application Development with Qt Creator. The book is plenty of documentation that shows how to set up a proper environment to work with Qt Creator and all the technologies involved with Qt.

You will learn how to create the same application using either the native, traditional Qt GUI or the brand new Qt Quick 2.0. That happens in chapter 3 where Qt Designer comes into play.

It also covers the steps to consolidate localization, the meaning of the icons used by Qt Linguist, how to install a translator on the application and particularly localizations.

What about performance? Don't you think that a chapter that shows how to use Valgrind or the QML performance analyzer integrated into Qt Creator would be a good reading?

And the icing to the cake arrives on a chapter entirely dedicated to set up an Android Environment on Qt Creator. Definitely the best way to start developing for the Google Play Store using Qt Quick!

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